Last Adventure On Our Eastern Sierra Trip


Along The Owens River Before Sunrise With Mount Tom In Background

Welcome back for the last adventure of the trip. This will be a short blog as I apologize for previous lengthy stories. Anyways,  we left Death Valley to return one more time to the Owens Valley. From our research we had seen some great images from the valley with Mount Tom in the background.The scene that we were visualizing was a sunrise shot with Mount Tom to the east. We had scoped out some possible foregrounds earlier and now we had to commit to something before the sun came up.


Leaving Death Valley along the Joshua Flats

We made our destination along the Owens River which has a lot of complementary features that makes for a strong foreground. In particular we were looking for a S-Curve that would lead the viewer’s eye through the image. We got there with plenty of time and we made a decision to break up and find our own foregrounds so that we would avoid all having the same images. I decided I really needed some strong impact if I was going to create a lasting effect with this image. I set up my tripod in the actual river to get the perspective that the viewer was right there with me. I decided to focus on the minutes before sunrise as I liked the cool colors from the mountain peaks and the moon that balanced the rest of the image. After working several different compositions we retired back to the hotel to pack our gear and head back to the airport.


Early morning light on the fooliage along Owens River

In retrospect I had a great time on this adventure and I learned a lot of things from my past mistakes. I can not say enough great things about the Eastern Sierras in winter. If you ever want to see some winter magic that is easily accessible this is one place not to miss. Looking back and some of the places we visited we were all fairly pleased at how lucky the weather had cooperated for us. The only place that we did not get a chance to visit was Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake. For me these are two places I am dying to see in winter conditions. Well I guess I have something to look forward to. Anyways, thank you for allowing me to share my adventures with you and I will be back soon with more tips and stories.


First light of the morning hits the peaks with Mount Tom in the background


~ by kevinmcneal on March 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Last Adventure On Our Eastern Sierra Trip”

  1. That is amazing scenery there. Great pictures.

  2. Nice set Kevin! Next winter plan on getting up this way if you can and come shoot Tahoe in winter with Oachs and I…It’s a sweet area.

  3. Why is the writing so short today, Kevin? Nah, just kidding. Though I really enjoy reading about all the adventures and it’s always nice to get a little background information on the shots, light conditions and locations in general. I think it really helps to develop the right mood and intention for the shots.

    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful photographs.
    Especially the Owen River pictures are both extremely appealing to the eye and have an amazing depth due to the meandering river.

  4. Awesome set of images, Kevin!

    I loved the Owens River images, and the one from Joshua Flats brings everything perfectly together with a wonderful composition.

    Great work.

    Take care.

    Seung Kye

  5. love the first 2 images here. especially the moonlight in the first shot. the smoothness of the river is so magical.

    the 2 totally separate layers in the 2nd one has great impact.

  6. Thinking about to Mt.Tom was wondering if u have climbed it yet?? Do you have any adivce about the best rought up?? my email is plz right back. Already did Telscope peak, was a wonderfull climb and was planing of doing white Mt peak… Friend already did and want to take me.

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