Big Announcement ! Arrival of PhotoCascadia Is Here !

I have been lucky enough to join a great group of Pacific Northwest photographers who share similiar goals, passions, and a love for nature at its finest. Today is the arrival of this new beginning and I look forward to the opportunities that will arise with the new challenges.

Check out the intro video here to see more PhotoCascadia

Check out the brand new website here:

“Photo Cascadia is a team of six of the Northwest’s best outdoor photographers who were brought together by their mutual passion for pushing the envelope in creating powerful fine art photographs of the natural world.  Photo Cascadia forms a platform from which we can have a meeting of the minds and a way to a share our imagery, knowledge, experience and vision.  Our goals are to promote conservation, provide learning opportunities for aspiring photographers, be a valuable resource for publishers, photo buyers and photographer colleagues and to share our photographs with a large and growing audience of like minded adventurers, nature lovers, photography appreciators and art collectors.”

~ by kevinmcneal on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “Big Announcement ! Arrival of PhotoCascadia Is Here !”

  1. Exquisite work! A delight for the eyes and soul!

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