A Craving Passion For Photography

Subway_1_720Welcome back to another week, another trip, and some more good times. You know there is something pretty great about the fall season that makes me hope on a plane and get to the most colorful places I can. As most photographers know there are some places better then others and some are just down right stunning. You know the type of scenery that makes you think how in the heck can nature organize such beauty all in one place. But sometimes you have to know when it is time to slow down or do you ????
It is for this reason that I am writing this blog.For those that do not know me I am super passionate about photography and I will do anything to get the shot but sometimes you have to know your limits. A few years ago my determination was tested at the tender age of 35. I needed a total hip replacement due to a crazy sports life when I was younger that left my hip bone completely degraded. This meant I was going to have to change how I did things and come to terms with the fact I was not that young kid anymore. FireOnWater_720

After a mishap with the surgery and a immediate blood transfusion I barely came out of that alive. But this only made me more determined to get back to photography. The problem is that I had taken almost a year to recover and I had gained close to fifty pounds due to inactivity for the first time in my life. After a meeting with the doctors I was encouraged not to do any serious hiking other then on flat surfaces. Well as you know this just not work for a photographer who is into landscape and nature. Ignoring the advice of the doctors I began to get serious again about hiking and knew that somehow someway I had to get to those out of the way places that few ever get to see. This past summer I had climbed my way back into shape and was hiking close to 20 miles a day on Mount Rainier and starting to feel like my old self.

Then as soon as I had got my mojo back and everything was back to normal I re-injured the hip and needed to go back in for more X-rays. After explaining what I had been up to my doctor looked at me and said this can not continue. So I decided for the time being I was going to slow down a bit and focus on my family for a bit. Eight weeks later and I am about to do the Subway with my photography buddies Miles Morgan, Steve Turner, and Adrian Klein and I am now again out of shape due to the advice of the doctor.

But I thought hey how bad can the Subway hike be; well not that hard if you did not happen to have a replacement hip and you didn’t need to climb rocks. Well before I knew it I was in way over my head as I was not able to keep up and I was totally embarrassed but I kept going knowing I had to see the Subway.

Anyways I did make it and I was lucky enough to have a good group of friends who were patient but this made the dilemma even harder for me. What was I going to do in the future when it came to photography. Half joking I mentioned I now would have to write a book on the best photography places to shoot from your car window as this might be my only option in the near future. After some soul searching I have decided to go all the way and give it all I have until I can no longer. While the weather is bad and I wait for the winter to come I am in the gym seven days a week, two hours of cardio a day until I am “Rocky”.

Now I know what you are thinking and what the heck does this have to do with photography. Well it has everything to do with it. It’s a desire, a passion, a need to do something no matter what the cost is. I love photography and I will do anything for it and I will never go down until I am in a wheelchair. Mind you that might not be that much longer but that is what I bring to the table and that is what I invest into my images. I know most would tell me it is time to give it up but I have a craving so deep inside that I can not for the life of me slow down.This is what photography is for me.


If there are any images that seem to stick out for you that would be great to drop me a note.
Thanks again for coming by…..


~ by kevinmcneal on November 11, 2009.

10 Responses to “A Craving Passion For Photography”

  1. Kevin, I joined Webshots in 1999, and have always been interested in landscape photography. Over time, I noticed that the majority of the photos I had downloaded were yours. Then I got to looking further, and stumbled onto your blog.

    The passion you have for your photography shows. The color, the composition, the perspective….your photographs are stunning and give me great joy.

    Unfortunately, everything comes at a cost. Only you can decide whether indulging your passion now and possibly not being able to later, or whether parceling out your passion over time, is worth the cost.

    At any rate, I thought I would take a minute and let you know how much I have enjoyed your work.

  2. *Humming the Rocky theme*
    First off, before I get into the health department, you asked which images stick out amongst the rest, didn’t you? Well, basically, all 9 of them and all for different reasons. The last one, showcasing the Watchman is certainly epic and probably my favorite from this patch but it’s a really tough call between 1, 8 and 9.

    Even though my experiences with health issues are of a different kind, I certainly can relate to your story. Just from your images and your writing one can see how passionate you are about photography and nature. I live, eat and breath photography would be a nice and very well fitting catchword.

    With that being said, keep those amazing pictures coming Kevin!

    Happy shooting,

  3. Great shots. I’d love to see this place sometime. Hopefully you’ll be able to pace yourself and keep at it for many years to come.

  4. Kevin, good post! You’re hilarious. I can already see you in a 4WD wheelchair rambling around Rainier! Hope you make a good recovery.


  5. Kevin, simply stunning images where ever I look on your site I just had to comment. The very interesting and intriguing ‘Hole in the ground’ shot gets me wondering how it got there but as noted above the last shot does stand out on it’s own as a fine image. I had a knee injury recently after getting hit off my bike by a car, nothing serious (thankfully) but I found swimming was a great alternative – you can certainly get the cardio work that way!
    I admire your tenacity after what you’ve been through and I totally agree – I’d want to be straight back out there surrounded by all that beautiful nature and scenery as quick as possible! That said I wish you a speedy recovery and I very much look forwards to seeing more of your work once you’re back at it again,
    Hamish 🙂

  6. …*speechless*…

  7. Thank you for taking the time to write and let me know what you think of the blog.

  8. Absolutely fantastic work. Number 2 is my favorite. Very unique in my oppinion. I too have had injuries that kept me from pursuing photography, or rather they tried ot keep me from pursuing it. It is a dilemma, but I think you chose how your heart feels, and no one can stop that. Keep up the excellent images. You have tremendous talent and drive.


  9. Kevin, I really enjoyed this post on the Subway. Passion, determination, and a bit of fortitude can go a long way. I also have to deal with some issues concerning my legs, but it put a fire under me and made me want to get out there even more. I admire your photography so very much and hope to get to the Subway myself someday. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  10. Kudos

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