2009 New England Fall Tour

Photo Slideshow

The link above called photo slideshow is a combination of the highlights of my trip this past fall to Vermont, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. You can also click here to see new images on website


I just wanted to check in with everyone and let everyone know what is going on in my life. I have some great news that I just found out from someone who emailed me today. I made the front cover of the November Outdoor Photographer with an image I took from Shi Shi beach in Olympic National Park awhile back. I also made the front cover of a great UK photography magazine called Photo Plus for their fall issue with a cover of Mount Moran from the infamous Oxbow Bend. So if you are near a bookstore check it out. It is always nice to see your work published as sometimes in this business it feels like it takes forever for that to happen.



I picked up a camera for the first time in my life at the end of 2005 while working as a DJ on a cruise ship that went around the world. At that time I was full of so many dreams and possibilities of what I was going to accomplish in this business. Well I was to find out quick that in this business especially landscape photography, that I could not have been further from the truth. I was going to really have to dig deep and find patience within if I was going to survive.


I tell you their are times I got so frustrated and thought this was never going to happen but I kept plugging away and made sure that the primary reason I did photography was for the fun and to see the world; getting my work out there was not going to be my goal. Eventually I got some breaks and things finally are looking up for me. Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for the constant feedback I get from photo forums like Flickr which never ceases to amaze me with the way people are so generous with their time.I have learned so much from other photographers and friends so thank you for that.


Anyways, on to the exciting part of this blog. I just got back from a extended photo trip to New England which was full of color no matter where I went. I visited five different states in all and drove around five thousand miles and took thirty thousand images. It was exhausting but a lot of fun at the same time. I started my journey in Albany New York so I could make my way up to the Adironacks, specifically hike Mount Joe. As expected, things did not go very well for me as I have the worst luck in the world when it comes to photography trips and equipment. I got off the plane at 4 in the morning instead of 9 at night due to another mechanical failure on the plane. A seven hour delay and no sleep for 36 hours I was pretty tired so I took a taxi to a hotel and slept for the night instead of trying to drive straight to the Adironacks.


The next morning I got an early start as I picked up my rental car and made my way up North only stopping for gas. As I got nearer to my destination I got very excited to see the colors get better and better as I continued to drive. Once I reached the Mount Joe parking lot I got my rain gear out due to the fact it was raining and snowing at the same time. As I used caution to hike up the sketchy trail I started to slip more as the elevation increased. Near the top I ended up slipping on a rock, tumbling down the rocks, landed on my tripod which I snapped in half on the leg.


So here I was at the top bleeding from my forehead with a need for immediate stitches and no tripod. You have to understand that this place has been a dream of mine to visit since I began photography. So I haven’t even taken the first image of my trip and on top of the hike with no tripod with snow falling everywhere. So I got bag and stripped some clothes to makeshift a temporary place to keep the camera still. This did not work to well and I paid for it later. As I half heartedly made my way back down to the car, I ended up lost and off the trail only to fall again and cut myself in several more places. This was not going well and I was panicking. After a few curse words and screams I made it back to the car only to find out I had been broken into with the car doors wide open. Cursing again I checked my personal belongings to find only clothes were stolen – I know I don’t get that ! (I hid the laptop really well).


Almost in tears I pulled out my itinerary to find out where I would be staying for the night – Rutland, Vermont was the destination and the GPS would tell me how long I had to drive – OMG six hours to Rutland ; I thought it was only going to be an hour as I thought you could cross over right into Vermont without driving almost all the way back to Albany before heading North again – wow am I ever stupid ! Anyways I made it to the hotel around 2 in the morning having to fix only one flat tire . So I pull up to the motel and right away it looks like a scene from the Psycho movie and I am staying at the Bates motel. The motel is a steep hill up to nowhere and there is no cars in the parking lot and the lights are off. So I knock on the door and wake the front door guy up and he was nice enough not to scream at me. He explains to me that because of the rain there would be no one here this week and that normally it is full ; sure it is buddy !!!


So I grab my keys and make my way to the room as I nervously check for someone in the bushes to come out at me. I open the door slowly and pow the smell hits me like a freight truck ! The room had this unusual strong odor and mildew was the overwhelming first thing I smelled.This room probably hasn’t been used in years and the decor is from the 1950’s. You are probably wondering why I just didn’t find another place well the answer to that is that I pre-booked it for the 13 days through Expedia and no chance to get my money back. As a photographer I do not have the luxury of spending more money that so I suck it up and decide I will take a nice hot warm shower.



Beat and exhausted I hit the shower turn on the water and realize there is no hot water and the only water coming out was brown because I guess the showers had not been used in so long that dirt filled the drain pipes. So in disbelief and thinking there is no way this can get worse I dry off and check the internet for places to go; as no surprise to me the advertised free Wi-Fi apparently only works for Window computers. According to the front doormen I should be able to figure how to make it work since kids can do it all the time when they are there.


Now it is five in the morning and I am not going to figure out this internet thing so I decide to check out what is on TV as all motels have TV at least – right ? Well now this was getting ridiculous – three channels – are you serious?


So I decide I need to end this awful day and go to bed. That was the end of my first day of this epic journey I was about to take part in. Check back for further stories from the trip in a later blog.



~ by kevinmcneal on October 26, 2009.

14 Responses to “2009 New England Fall Tour”

  1. Holly cow! Make it stop. Where’s the stop button? So. Loud. When did I choose to play this?


    In all seriousness, a start/stop button might be nice.

  2. My God Kevin talk about perseverance! Sounds like an adventure of disproportionate grief….. As I was reading I kept thinking …”and you got this beautiful shot while limping, cold and bleeding” Great shooting and congratulations on the Outdoor Photographer gig. Your in the right place and time not to mention you deserve your accolades. Keep it up.

  3. I love how you’ve used your beautiful, spectacular photographs to illustrate this horror story of a trip. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a trip going so disastrously wrong.

  4. OMG Kevin, your story sounds like a photographer’s worst nightmare! At least you got away with some stunning images full of colorful foliage and moody skies. Hope the scars are healing fast!

    I strongly recommend switching the tune of the slideshow to the already mentioned “Psycho” soundtrack. LOL

    With that being said, happy shooting my friend!


  5. Man you do have some amazing luck in the bad side of things…fell up AND back? whoa. Well at least you got some great shots man….can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. Congrats on the cover photos Kevin!

  7. Wow! Your experiences are amazing! I’m a avid traveller, makes me want to travel more! And awesome collection too 🙂

  8. Kevin, your experiences so far can either be on a horror show or in one of those hilarious vacation movies we see from time to time! I think you are more courageous than I! I would have slept in the car at that point! I love New England and I grew up there so I feel especially bad for those experiences you had. However, I can hardly wait to hear the “rest of the story” about your trip. Your photos are magnificent and show your great talent and then some! Stunning work! Kathy

  9. I have some dificulty writing in inglish and in front of so beautiful images, it turns much more difilcult to say anything at all.
    Keep doing your explendid work. The world deserves to see it.

  10. You images are stunning. It’s great to finally see a landscape photographer who also blogs!!! I will definitely be following you.


  11. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the email reminder of your blog and the Thank You. Its always a good idea to send a little reminder to folks such as myself so I don’t forget to check out new stuff.

    I can only say one thing about the new images in your New England Fall Tour 2009. Absolutely Stunning! Ok, that’s two words and still not enough. Your work through this year has been great and that’s putting it mildly. It’s as if you have been blessed by the magic photo Gods. Keep it up bud.

    I will be spending some time catching up here as I see there are many new images and writings to enjoy.

    Take Care Kevin.
    Brad M.

  12. Incredible slideshow! I’d love to see it bigger. Such amazing photos.

  13. I just came upon your website, sorry your experiences in Rutland were so bad, I live in Vermont and had I known sooner that you were coming my way, I could of helped you out. Your images are beautiful. I hope to make it out your way some time in my lifetime to see the NW. Also a beautiful area.

  14. […] New England in peak leaf season is crisp, cool, and colorful, with something in the air that is indefinably magical. The Everglades […]

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